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What you need to know about these items: this is the remainder of my entire Swatch collection and tools and parts from Swatch Repair. Everything is sold directly from me to you. Use combined shipping. There will be no liability for me after I ship the item. Buy many and get free shipping and/or a nice discount. I will accomodate all ways of worldwide shipping provided by PostNl (obviously Russia and some other criminal countries excluded). Supersafe packaging. Payment must be in Euro and netto. A free IBAN bank transfer is preferred. Paypal is possible but only in Euro and to family/friends (free of cost). All items are sold as is, based on the pictures. What you see is what you get. As usual, all watches with their hands pointing up do not run. If their hands are pointing down, they are tested and run correctly. For older Swatches please do not assume they have correct warranties and stickers as they were often sold without them. No returns. If you need a COA, let me know, this is possible at a fee. No costs other than the price of the item plus shipping. This website supports Ukraine and does not track or store your personal data in any way. Any remarks or questions, do send me an email. Please note some objects (blisters usually) seem to have missing pieces. This is caused by the background removing process. These items are sold to you as a private transaction.

The list of items available is now complete. No more items will be added. Minimum order value: Euro 100. Enjoy your stay!

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