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The 1983 launch year

Reference number 2674

LB103, 'Classique' 1984. Original blister. With code tag on front. -Mint, blister damaged-

List price €600

Reference number 2691

GB105, 'Blackout' 1986. Original blister. -Glue on back of blister-

List price €220

Reference number 2693

LM103, 'Art Deco', 1984. Original blister. With correct price sticker on front. -Mint, light damage to blister-

List price €200

Reference number 3017

GK100SP 'The Original Jelly', March 1983 in original blister. After the succesful US test market it was time to launch SWATCH worldwide. In March 1983 a press conference was held and the lucky attendees received one of these Original Jellies in a new type of blister. The fully world's first fully transparent watch was a hit right away. Just 200 pieces were produced and thus the first limited edition Special was a fact. Proof of authenticity can be found in the round lettering inside the battery compartment: 'Unadjusted no (0) jewels'. Do note this is an original dummy, not running and does not have a minutes hand. The hour hand is at the 0 hours position. Unique piece.

List price €6000

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