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Art Specials

Reference number 7506

Something truly amazing. GZ159 Jelly Piano by Renzo Piano 1991, already a rare piece. This has a crystal problem that I have seen a few times, the transparent dial is totally cristallized by some autonomous proces. In its original packaging with shop receipt. Watch shows some wear and yellowing but is complete and working fine.

List price €150

Reference number 7505

Swatch Art Special GZ163V 'Time Tranny Amanda Lepore' by David LaChappelle 2000. Recalled variant with 'broken' crystal. Rare and sought after piece of art, later replaced by plain one.

List price €500

Reference number 7502

Swatch Art Special GZ187 'Happy Birthday Tintin' 2004. For the 75th anniversary of Tintin. Design by Hergé. Numbered 5999/9999. In original packaging.

List price €145

Reference number 7342

SUJZ106 Jelly in Jelly Corto Maltese by Hugo Pratt. No special package and no original straps, comes with leather straps. Worn but very good condition. Missing its battery cover.

List price €80

Reference number 7344

Herman Brood (Dutch rock star 'Rock and Roll Junky' and artist) case variant. Comes in Original box, running fine, original adapted leather straps.

List price €100

Reference number 7087

GZ251 Punk by Jeremy Scott, 2011. Extra long double winding straps with leopard print. Mint condition in original box.

List price €130

Reference number 2000

GZS48, 'Kidrobot', 2011, Special limited edition of 300 sets of which this is number 031/300, in a special alu flight case. Each Kidrobot Special Set (GZS48) is comprised of the eight Kidrobot watches in the collection, each watch in the set carries its limited edition number (031/300) and is presented in special packaging together with its corresponding Dunny. Eight of the Dunnys are 7,62 cm high, while Frank Kozik’s mustachio’d white Dunny comes in a special 50,8 cm high version. Comes with matching folder and collection booklet.

List price €850

Reference number 2171

GZ216 'Fluo' by Cassette Playa, 2010.

List price €50

Reference number 2473

"A complete Swatch Artist set in plexi box containing; GG140 'Cheik Nadro by Frederic Bruly Bouabre (1923-2014) 1996, GJ116 'Wanayarra Tjukurrpa' designed by Bridget Mutji (1968), GJ117 'Wild laugh' by Yue Min Jun (XX), GN164 'Fiz N'Zip' by Kenny Sharf (1958), GK214 'Lens Heaven' by Constantin Boym (1955) and GN163 'Boxing' by Eduardo Arroyo (1937-2018). The fronts of the seperate boxes spell ARTIST. Do check out how the seperate boxes spell 'artist'. Box has small damage"

List price €250

Reference number 2526

Sandwatch, special edition for the second 'International Swatch Auktion Luzern', sandwatch signed by Klaus Zaugg (1937-2004), limited edition 822/999, 1992. Limited edition of around 200 pieces.

List price €200

Reference number 2528

SUOZ199S 'The Route' special edition in original packaging, by Samuel Anthamatten (1986), limited edition 2798/4478, 2015.

List price €170

Reference number 2556

YZS09 'Haute Couture Set' 'Our Present For Him And Her' in original case by fashion house Jakob Schläpfe AG, limited edition 174/777.

List price €375

Reference number 2602

GZS06 '100 Years Of Cinema', 1995. The box in the form of a film can containing just the projector and the three movie reel cassettes. It was launched during the press preview event in Milan, Italy, on April 7, 1995. Rare!

List price €250

Reference number 2810

GZS02 Art Special 'Mendini Tower' in original box 1997, by Alessandro Mendini (1931-2019), limited edition 6373/9999. -packaging slight damage -

List price €125

Reference number 2949

GZS02 'Mendini Tower' in original box 1997, by Alessandro Mendini (1931-2019), limited edition 3888/9999.

List price €125

Reference number 2979

SUJZ101S 'Paint in blue' Art Special by Blue Man Group, 2006 in original tube case and packaging.

List price €125

Reference number 2998

YZS08 'Haute Couture Set' 'Our Present For Him And Her' in original case by fashion house Jakob Schläpfe AG, limited edition 248/777.

List price €375

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