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Christmas Specials

Reference number 7137

Wearable Christmas Special from 1986 Limelight with Guard Too and leather straps. Running fine on included battery (no idea how old that is). Standard box and worn condition. Still has the looks!

List price €50

Reference number 2052

SUJZ100 'Arctic Touch', Christmas Special 2006 in original box with purchasing receipt.

List price €60

Reference number 2172

GZ407 'World Party' special Christmas edition, 2000.

List price €30

Reference number 2617

GZ902 'Sparkling Life' Christmas special 1998, including shop display consisting of an icebucket with fake ice.

List price €200

Reference number 2699

SUOZ709S 'Holiday Twist', Christmas Special 2014.

List price €40

Reference number 2729

SUOZ717 'HoHoOuch', Christmas Special 2020, in original box.

List price €70

Reference number 2229

GZ162 'Mille Stelle' Christmas 1999 in original box.

List price €35

Reference number 4134

GZ114 Mozart, Christmas Special 1989. Perfect condition with sleeve, box, plastic inlay and warranty. Correct French price tag. This has a silver Mozart on the crystal. Made after fake Specials marketed by an unscrupulous dealer. Just to make fun this one. Still, one of the finest Christmas Specials.

List price €125

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