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Swatch Club

Reference number 2175

GZ198 'Graph Paper' by OK-RM, the graphics collection, limited edition 3044/3333, 2008.

List price €60

Reference number 2176

SUOZ214S 'Star Gaze', Swatch Club limited edition 801/999 in original box and packaging.

List price €80

Reference number 2471

Swatch Club shoulder bag 'Swatch Gold & Pioneer Event Bern 2019'

List price €25

Reference number 2520

A white Swatch factory labcoat with badge 'ETA' Swatch Club, 'Gold & Pioneer Visit - ETA sion - 03.09.2010'

List price €45

Reference number 2851

Game: 'Icon poet, all the stories in the world', the iconic storytelling game from the Frei brothers, still wrapped. Branded Swatch. Swatch event gift. At the event the game was played on stage.

List price €25

Reference number 4006

SUOZ170 Club Watch 'White Loop' in original packaging.

List price €30

Reference number 4030

Swatch Timezone Loops, still closed in original blister package, made by Swatch USA. Local Time, New York, London, ---, Los Angeles, Geneva, Tokyo, Buenos Aires. Instructions on back. Mint.

List price €15

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