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Reference number 7138

Three ETA trays with crystals for Swatch Irony Chrono. Thirteen pieces are brand new with crystal protector. Thirty pieces have been pulled of broken Chrono's. They are however in complete condition and can be polished to look brand new. Don'tlet your customer walk around with broken crystals and replace them so their movement will not be destroyed by moist. 44 crystals combined.

List price €200

Reference number 7135

A set of 74 new crystal protectors for Gent size Swatches and 34 new crystal protectors for Ladies size Swatches.

List price €15

Reference number 4031

Empty brand new sleeve for GZ150J, US Athletes, 1996 Centennial Atlanta Olympic Games. Mint.

List price €5

Reference number 4032

Brand new warranty for GZ113 Oigol Oro by Mimmo Paladino (1948), 1989. One of the big five Swatches, extremely rare.

List price €250

Reference number 4036

Brand new red warranty for GZ105 Rorrim 5 by Tadanori Yokoo (1980-2010), 1987.

List price €50

Reference number 4033

Brand new warranty for GX107 Bonaparte Christmas Special 1988.

List price €30

Reference number 4034

Brand new warranty for GX106 Pompadour, Christmas Special 1988.

List price €30

Reference number 4037

Brand new standard box with red warranty and correct price tage for GZ105 Rorrim 5 by Tadanori Yokoo (1980-2010), 1987.

List price €140

Reference number 4010

An empty Swatch Production Stage Display Bom from 1993.

List price €40

Reference number 4009

Swatch Production Stage Display Box showing virgin (unused) Swatch Gents in ten different transparent colours.

List price €500

Reference number 4024

Empty 1982 USA test market blister Gents size with inlay.

List price €240

Reference number 4029

Empty Personaldienst (Personel Service) blister. 1982. These packages were used for Swatches bought by employees in the factory store. Just a few remaining worldwide. -Mint-

List price €360

Reference number 4054

Clio Quarto-Beba is a jeweler in Maastricht, The Netherlands, who have been in business since 1876. Long time ago they issued a numbered Swatch Special Package, 'Quarto de schatkamer van Maastricht'. These two are numbered 75/400 and 76/400. Mint condition boxes with old Swatch logo (the trademark sign is above the h, not to the right of it). They are still there today but I doubt anyone would know which Swatches were sold inside them. So these are the packaging with inlay and sticker only. Sold per piece.

List price €25

Reference number 4055

Empty box for GZ150O Atlanta 1996 Centennial Olympic Games, Malaysian Team. Complete with correct price tag, correct warranty and two dealers stickers. Box shows very little wear.

List price €25

Reference number 4056

Empty Box for LZ101 'White Olympia'. In mint condition with correct warranty and correct price tag. This Swatch is extremely hard to find and often comes with a fake or wrong warranty. If you have the White Olympia Ladies Swatch and it's in the wrong box, you should not hesitate.

List price €200

Reference number 4057

Empty box for LA101-2 'Mah-Jong', 1984. In mint condition with correct unmarked warranty and correct price tag. Very hard to find.

List price €30

Reference number 4059

Empty box for the Art Specials by Jean-Michel Folon. Mint condition. Comes with original inlay and blank warranty. No price tag.

List price €80

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