Thirty Years of Swatch collecting



Welcome back to mach-4! I have stopped collecting swatch. My collection is currently for sale.

What's next?

I compiled a catalogue of my private collection. Feel free to download it:

Free file download using

Copyright and other information are in the PDF. The 1GB may take a while to transfer, depending on your network speed and the number of concurrent downloads...

Besides offering the free download, I will sell the book to everyone interested in owning a fantastic catalogue with a lot of very rare Swatches. All in big full colour pictures, printed on quality paper and bound in an A4 landscape hardcover. If you would like to buy the printed catalogue, do send an email. I'll put you on the list, it will be available from early December 2021. Obviously such book in low quantities will not be cheap, sadly. Its price is set at is 85 Euro, with no profit for me. Well worth it though!

I will also sell my own collection, all in one go. Please do not ask about single pieces. Unless you want to pay 100,000 Euro for an authentic Original Jelly! Just kidding, I noticed one for 300,000 Euro on eBay. There are three in my collection, two Gents, one Lady. The price will need to be negotiated but surely it will not be for the faint of heart. In thirty years one can get a lot of rare Swatches. If you want to be among the few people that are able to bid in private, just send an email. I will contact you immediately and negotiate.

If my collection does not get sold in private in 2021, the collection will be offered on Heritage Auctions Europe, a specialized international auction site with offices worldwide, capable of selling such lots. Obviously the link to the auction will be posted here long in advance. Again, if you are interested, contact me now and save a lot on auction costs.